Kindergarten Teacher Takes Students On Virtual Field Trip To The Zoo

A kindergarten teacher in Washington took his students on a virtual field trip to the zoo.

Garett Talcott is a kindergarten teacher at Ella Baker Elementary School in Redmond.

He has become a viral sensation on social media after a video of his virtual field trip to the zoo surfaced on TikTok.

In the heartwarming video, which has garnered over 1 million views, Mr. Talcott walks around the wildlife park, teaching his at-home students about the natural habitats of exotic animals from around the world.

“The students really loved it,” Mr. Talcott said. “It was a surprise and a shared interactive experience. In person is ideal, but they loved it.”

But this isn’t the first time Mr. Talcott has gone viral on the social media platform. That’s because he’s dedicated to keeping his virtual class exciting with science experiments in the kitchen, as well as costumed dance breaks.

“It’s really about just making sure these students are engaged,” Mr. Talcott told K5 News.

“When I get on there, whether I’ve had enough sleep or ready or not ready‚Ķ the moment I hit that live button I have to be ready and I have to be there for those students and make sure it’s the best day of their life.”