Season 3 Of Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ Might Be Missing A Memorable Supervillain

Aya Cash’s Stormfront in season 2 of The Boys was an interesting and unusual character – a hateful Nazi using pseudo-woke rhetoric to market her problematic team of superhero celebrities.

Her character successfully influenced Antony Starr’s odious Homelander, flattering his ego enough for him to happily accept a racist ideology. But her story seemed to end after the season finale left her deathly injured, missing all of her limbs.

Of course, fans fully expected her to make a reappearance in season 3, seeing as we didn’t actually see her die on screen (not that that’s ever stopped a superhero resurrection before – permanent death isn’t exactly a common trope of the genre).

However, during a recent interview with EW, Cash appeared uncertain over Stormfront’s fate, stating: “I want to know if she’ll be back too.”

Cash went on to explain that she is not scheduled to be a part of The Boys season 3 production and that her original contract “was only for a year.”

This might come as a disappointment for fans of the show, as The Boys is famous for portraying over-the-top villains that viewers love to hate, that are often perceived within the world of the show as noble superheroes.

But perhaps Cash was taking a cue from her character, and being a bit sneaky; I wouldn’t be surprised if season 3 concluded with a post-credits scene of Stormfront opening her eyes, remade into a cyborg, ready to wreak havoc and warp the minds of narcissistic fools like Homelander.

Show creator Eric Kripke has previously talked about his plans for Stormfront (although, he doesn’t seem keen to empower the character again). Kripke stated:

“She’s not dead. What was important for us is, we felt a fate worse than death for that stumpy little Nazi was for someone who’s so believed in some kind of Aryan master race to become mutilated for potentially decades or centuries. I mean, she ages very slow. So being trapped in that state felt like the right punishment for her.”

Stormfront’s presence ensured that The Boys included some pretty sharp political commentary – we’ll have to wait and see if she ever shows up again.

Her hateful ideas, however, will likely live on in Homelander’s twisted mind.