Fundraiser Helps Teacher, Youth Coach After Strokes And Seizures

A fundraiser is supporting the family of a beloved teacher, youth sports coach and mentor who is recovering from strokes and seizures in March.

On March 11, Kim Thompson Sr. suffered two strokes and several seizures while watching college basketball with his son. He was airlifted to Inova Mount Vernon Hospital and resuscitated. After regaining consciousness, Thompson battled pneumonia, difficulty swallowing, and overall weakness.

Family friend Mary-Kay Davidson-Taylor started a GoFundMe page for the Thompson family to help pay for medical costs, rehabilitation and other family needs due to lost income. Thompson’s recovery is expected to cost thousands of dollars for the family.

“Over the years, Kim has helped young people become successful in their journeys meeting life’s challenges,” the GoFundMe page states. “He has encouraged and supported countless youth and peers giving generously of his time and money.”

Thompson has served the community in a variety of ways, from education to youth coaching and mentoring. He worked as a substitute teacher for Fairfax County Public Schools, including at Chantilly High School, for five years. He also taught at Fairfax County Public Schools’ Adult Education program and Northern Virginia Community College.

His youth sports roles have included the Lee District Basketball Association house director and select travel coach, Lee Franconia Football coaches commissioner and coach, Alexandria Kings AAU basketball coach, and Maret School basketball coach. In these roles, he taught and mentored at-risk youth.

Thompson is a cancer survivor since 2010 and has experienced other strokes in the last few years. In December 2019, he suffered a stroke after a medical procedure and was taken to Inova Fairfax Hospital to restart his heart. After rehabilitation and his return home, Thompson suffered another stroke over the July 4 weekend in 2020. He returned home in December 2020 after rehabilitation.

In between recoveries and rehabilitations from the strokes, Thompson received support and care from his wife, Traci, and three sons, Tylar, 23, KT, 19, and Jai, 16.

The family began to experience financial worries in January after Traci found out the family’s health insurance policy was no longer covered under the group rate for FCPS employees when Thompson went on long-term disability. This increased their monthly insurance cost to $2,300.

His wife Traci has also taken out $80,000 from her 401K to pay for medical bills and other expenses. On top of that, Thompson’s disability status application is expected to take several more months to resolve due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During any normal period of time, this would be more than overwhelming and exhausting for any family; but we are still in a pandemic, and the isolation that has accompanied their struggles, worry, and stress has been much more than overwhelming,” Davidson-Taylor wrote. “We don’t know what Kim’s quality of life will be once he finally returns home again, but we do know that it will be a long road of recovery for him.”

According to a March 22 fundraiser update, Thompson remained in the intensive care unit with a bacterial infection and pneumonia, but he was breathing on his own. As of Wednesday, he remains in the hospital but “seems to get a little stronger so we are hopeful,” wrote Davidson-Taylor. Thompson’s son KT also went to the hospital on March 21 due to a seizure, but he was released and resting at home as of Wednesday.

For those not able to donate, Davidson-Taylor asks for prayers, both for Thompson during his recovery and for his wife and kids as they cope with their loved one’s recovery.